Hit the High Notes
with a Music Video

For bands and musicians starting out or those on a tight budget, getting noticed can often be tricky. A music video can generate a lot of buzz and shares on social media often being an important factor in growing your audience. We provide affordable music video solutions, focusing on high production values (using a drone where possible), to help bands and musicians on the path to stardom.

Commercial and Event Video
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Grow your audience with a video ideal for sharing on social media

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We also include print quality photos that can be used to help promote the video, or for anything you like

An affordable video package that does not compromise on production value, drone footage included where possible

Full video metrics. See what channels your video performs best on, and support on social marketing

Continue the Digital Journey
Websites as Unique As your Band

Build and develop your band’s brand with a website that tells your band story in an unique way. Using photos and videos from music videos we can create a website that is a professional platform for you to sell your band and book gigs.