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Virtual Reality

We have one simple mission; to create memorable virtual experiences for your customers, friends, and family. We can create anything ranging from interactive tours of your shop, an interactive virtual wedding, or creating personal family histories.

With 360 photos being a mainstay, and a fantastic way to capture the true essence of an event or place, we go the extra mile to create something that will stand the test of time. We use a compelling mix of 360 photos with seamlessly embedded video; great for truly interactive guided tours or memorialising that special moment.

Liberton Kirk April 2019 | 360 degree photo
Peck Spicer Wedding 2018 | Drone Photograph

Drone Services

Civil Aviation Authority Approved

Camel Digital is fully certified and insured (1 million public liability) for commercial purposes. You are in safe hands.

Surveying and Mapping

Drones are highly accurate over large areas which saves you time and money over traditional methods.

Unique Photography and Film

Drones are great for getting memorable photos and video. A fantastic way to create something different for your commercial project or wedding!

Film | Photo

Video is one of the most powerful tools for building trust with and engaging your audience or creating memo. Video is great for social media platforms, are highly shareable and popular with mobile users. Whatever you choose to use them for, a new product launch or perhaps selling tickets to an event; video will get the results that your business needs. Check out these 28 Video Stats for 2018.

Photos are the go to method for bringing your business to life and generating buzz and hype through social sharing. They are a vital business resource and a cost effective way to boost your marketing efforts.

Royal Observatory Edinburgh | Drone Tilt-Shift Effect

Drone Services

Fully insured and approved by the CAA

We provide extensive mapping and surveying options in addition to aerial photography and film production. Fully compliant with UK law.

Film and Photo

Create a look unique to you

We have a wide selection of modern and vintage lenses to create a look unique for you. Broadcast quality audio included as standard.

Virtual Reality

Morden, impactful and unforgettable

More than 360 photos, we build truly immersive experiences. Virtual tours are a unique way to celebrate events and protmote businesses.


The right solution is a keystone to success and a long business life; as well as creating memories that will live on forever.

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